About Us

BGS is an esteemed company engaged in the business of sales promotions and corporate Gifts. Our products are known for reliability, design and looks that reflect fine craftsmanship. Acclaimed for the highest standards of quality, we believe that quality is the driving force for the accelerated growth of every Business.

Corporate gifts have stood the best of time as an effective promotional tool. Corporate gifts are suitable for special occasions such as corporate functions or formal launch of a brand or services. From a marketing perspective, corporate gifts are highly effective as they serve diverse purposes.

People not only seek corporate gifts that are unique, but also something that the receiver would remember for years to come. Corporate gifts convey the sentiments of value, trust and mutual respect.. By the effective usage of corporate gifts, we make them feel valued and help give due recognition to your relationship. Diwali, the festival of lights, is an auspicious occasion and with our exclusive range of Personalized Diwali Gifts, we aim to make it a memorable one. Diwali gifts are special because it brings family and friends together. Diwali gifts strengthen bonds and give one the feeling of being loved and remembered.


To be the most admired gifting company in the country.


To continuously improve our ability to provide an ever increasing range of promotional products to our clients.


We respect and nurture relationships. We honor our commitments, no matter what.